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Many years ago, in a village to small to name, there was a beggar named Getzel Shlomo. He had a son, Chaim Shmuel. Throughout the village, Shlomo would beg every day, only resting on the Sabbath. If given charity, he would express his thanks with a small and simple prayer. If denied charity, he would express his thanks the exact same way. The village came to regard him as somewhat of a local oddity, a harmless if somewhat sad and poor member of their community.

As the years passed, Getzel Shlomo’s son Chaim left the village, working and learning as he could, eventually marrying and settling elsewhere. Shlomo continued to toil into his old age. One day, Shlomo approached the local sexton and rabbi and informed them that he was nearing his death. “I have tried to live as simply and unobtrusively as possible,” he said, and brought them plain cloth for his burial shroud, and a barrel of fresh water for the purifying ceremonies.

“My only request,” Shlomo continued, “Is to be buried in a new row in the poorest part of the cemetery, and that this basket be buried with me”.

Players take on the roles of villagers and relatives to Getzel Shlomo, creating and discovering possessions on the day of his burial.

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorJR Goldberg
GenreRole Playing
TagsFolklore, folklorejam, jewish, Tabletop


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A great folklore game where you play as the funeral goers mourning the death of a secretive holy man.  You tell stories of how the town folks are touched by his kindness and compassion. It is a serene and tranquil storytelling game.


Thank you for sharing this. I found it peaceful and kind.