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You wake in a room you’ve never seen before, with no memory of how you got there. Truthfully, you can’t remember much of anything beyond your name. Your life and your memories are a distant haze, with a few sharp edges desperately trying to poke through. You have a small pack, but it holds no answers. You don’t even think the things inside it belong to you, they feel foreign in your hands. Behind you, other shapes begin to stir. They all wear the same look on their faces. None of them know how they got here. None of them know you. Suddenly, a door appears where there once was none. Something beyond your comprehension is at play here. You and few others stand, throwing your packs upon your shoulders. You know not what you seek beyond answers. You hope that you are fortunate enough to find them.

Welcome to TG:0, a character creation system using the Tunnel Goons system. Tunnel Goons was developed by Nate Treme and is released under the Creative Commons 4.0 International License. 


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